6 Unique Nail Designs You Need This Spring

6 Unique Nail Designs You Need This Spring

2020 Spring Nail Designs

If you're looking for inspiration to brighten up your nails after a long winter look no further. We have 6 beautiful ideas that are sure to make you happier each time you look down at your hands. 


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1. Floral and Gold Nails

These nails are created with small dried flowers and gold specs with a good base and top coat. This can be recreated at home or at a salon as long as you bring the flowers with you (or know a place that has them stocked). You can always ask your nail salon to paint the flowers on as well. These are perfect for spring time, very natural and beautiful. 




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2. Watercolor Pastel Nails 

You'll be sure to get compliments with these unique nails. To re-create this look you will need a pastel pink, pastel light blue, a pastel darker blue, and a pastel orange nail polish. The nail artist layered the different colors together and most likely used a clear coat to blend everything together. Feel free to show your nail profession these photos to re-create this look! 


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3. Any Chrome Colored Nails 

Chrome nails are being seen all over and they are perfect to add a little something to any Spring outfit. Make sure you look up or call local salons around you to see if they are able to do chrome nails. Nail salons use Chromium Nail Powder to create this look. To re-create this exact look, find a similar Rose Gold Chrome color in your local nail salon and ask for squoval shaped acrylics. 





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4. Simple and Elegant Nails 

These beautiful almond shaped acrylics are the perfect nails to match any outfit you're going to wear this Spring. Ask for a light nude base with a slim black horizontal stripe design on top of your acrylics (or natural nails). 





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5. Varied Coral & Pink Nails 

These colorful nails are sure to brighten up your day! These can even be carried over to wear in the Summer time as well. They used 5 different shades of pink, coral, and white to create this look. This can easily be re-created at home with colors you already have or in a salon with many options. 




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6. Colorful Geometric Nails 

These long coffin acrylics are sure to catch some glances. This look can be recreated with coffin shaped acrylics, blue, purple, teal, and red nail polish. Ask your nail professional for outline the tip or your acrylics. This looks great with any monochromatic outfit!  



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